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Many Councils in Australia now have a statutory obligation to develop a Animal Management Plan that explains how they will administer and ensure compliance with relevant state legislation. While the terminology from state to state may differ the requirements of the legislation are similar.

This legislation has minimum requirements however many Councils are expanding the scope of their animal management plans to address wider animal wellbeing issues (e.g. cat over-population), or to define areas where the local Council has a need or desire for specific policy (e.g. compulsory de-sexing), or to respond to changing needs and aspirations in their local communities (e.g. dogs in public open space).

Because Paws4Play has been involved in local government service planning including open space planning for over 10 years and because of our familiarity with the provision of pound / shelter services and the animal welfare sector, we are in a unique position to assist Councils prepare animal management plans.

This experience also means Paws4Play is well positioned to assist Councils review contract specifications for pound (and shelter) services and evaluate pound contract tender submissions.



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