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Once a site has been selected for the Dog Park then next is the design phase and carefully considering the elements for the Dog Park.

The difference between a good Dog Park and a great Dog Park is significant. A great Dog Park will include separate areas for large and small dogs and time out areas for dogs that need a break from the excitement of the park. You will also consider a range of different activity spaces such as ball-play areas, dog agility equipment areas and created environments such as rock scrambles. Opportunities will depend on the space available.

Your Dog Park may also include educational features that introduce dogs to everyday experiences in a safe and calm environment. These may include open steps as part of the equipment installation, heights and textured or more rugged surfaces.

An important consideration in the Dog Park design is the ground surface. No-one likes a dust or mud bowl so you need to consider surfaces that will stand up to wear and tear. Equally important in the Dog Park design will be fencing and gateways, the placement of seating, water and shade structures.

Landscaping and the planting of plenty of trees that provide natural shade and help green the site will make it a pleasant place to be. This will in turn encourage more people to use the facility and it will then develop into a vibrant facility.

Do not forget good carparking provision and good access from the car park to the Dog Park …… and make sure the Dog Park is friendly for people with disabilities – that is, wide entrances, sealed footpaths, wheelchair height signage and large print instructional signage for any activity areas.

When deciding what to include in a Dog Park you should involve as many people as possible. A collaborative process will ensure people understand why certain elements are included or excluded. It will also uncover ideas you may never have thought of!


Dog Parks and Dog Park Equipment

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