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Here are examples of the type of project support Paws4Play provides to assist local government with the planning for dogs in the community.

Dog Park Feasibility Studies

Why a council would undertake a Dog Park Feasibility Study:
  • to determine if a site/sites are appropriate for accommodating a fenced dog park
  • to determine if fenced dog parks should be part of council’s strategy for providing for dog owners and their dogs
  • to test the real level of demand or need for a fenced dog park/dog parks, and the level of support they have in the community
  • to ensure that dog parks are planned and designed in line with ‘service levels’ that are consistent with the catchment it caters for (e.g. hierarchy of provision)
  • to determine if fenced dog parks will help council address the shortage of space available for dog off leash activities, and how this may be achieved
  • to determine the costs and benefits associated with establishing a dog park/dog parks
  • to understand/identify the implications (e.g. management, environmental, social) of establishing a fenced dog park/dog parks.

Hume City Council Dog Park Feasibility Study

Dog Park Site Selection/Evaluation Reports

Why a council would undertake a Dog Park Site Evaluation Report:

  • to determine if a site/sites can satisfy the necessary requirements for establishing a fenced dog park, particularly in relation to:
    • existing support facilities e.g. car parking and the cost of providing additional facilities if required
    • to determine the impact a dog park may have on other park activities, and if this can be appropriately addressed
  • to understand issues relating to safety and perceptions of safety
  • to identify the need for buffers between other park activities, adjoining properties, etc.
  • to ensure the amenity of the site encourages use
  • to identify the extent of the catchment the site needs to cater for.

A Dog Park Site Evaluation Report may be prepared separately or as part of a Dog Park Feasibility Study

Melton City Council Dog Off Leash Strategy

Dog Park Concept Plans and Layout Designs

Why a council would prepare a Dog Park Concept and Layout Design:

  • to optimise the inclusion of as many activity zones/areas as possible e.g. dog education/training, sensory, exploratory, open run-about, and ‘time out’ areas
  • to ensure the design addresses dog behavior and management requirements as best as possible
  • to ensure the dog park, as an open space and recreation asset, is designed in line with council’s provision standards
  • to understand the development cost and ongoing maintenance cost implications of a dog park/dog parks
  • to ensure the site can take the level of likely use and not become degraded e.g. muddy, dusty, eroded
  • to ensure all site considerations are addressed in the design e.g. configuration, sight lines, separation of different activity areas, tree/vegetation management, maintenance and pedestrian access points, fence and gate safety considerations.

Craigieburn Gardens Dog Park Concept Design & Manag't Plan

Diamond Creek Dog Park Design

Nillumbik Dog Park Concept Plans

Park Master Plan (incorporating dog off leash areas and/or a fenced dog park)

Why a council would prepare a Park Master Plan:

  • to determine if and how a park can accommodate a fenced dog park or dog off leash area
  • to determine how different activity spaces (e.g. play spaces, dog parks), and parkland environments (e.g. wetland environments, wildlife environments), should be placed within the park, linked to each other, or separated from each other
  • to ensure sensitive or pre-existing parkland areas are retained, protected or enhanced as required
  • to determine the costs associated with proposed park development, enhancement, and ongoing maintenance and renewal
  • to provide a pictorial representation of proposed development/enhancement and how different activity nodes relate to each other.

Refer also to for examples of other master plan work undertaken by the principals of the business.

Draft Sunbury Park Master Plan and Dog Park

Dog Park Management Plan

Why a council would prepare a Dog Park Management Plan:

  • to identify the issues that need to be/should be managed/monitored and who should be responsible. This will include consideration of schedules relating to:
    • monitoring of the site and enforcing of rules/regulations
    • bin clearances; maintenance of vegetation areas; repairs to fencing, shelters, signage, and other structures
    • managing potential risk.
  • to determine:
    • the council staff responsible for implementing various components of the management plan
    • protocols for reporting  and dealing with breaches of rules and inappropriate dog behavior/activity
    • protocols in relation to volunteers
    • the type of community education/awareness programs required
    • restrictions on use e.g. time restrictions, use by dog trainers.

Craigieburn Gardens Dog Park Concept Design & Manag't Plan

Dog Off Leash or Dogs in Public Places Policy Policy (writing and review)

Why a council would prepare a Dog Off Leash Policy or a Dogs in Public Places Policy:

  • to explain council’s rationale for:
    • allowing or not allowing dogs in various public places
    • the distribution of opportunities for dog off leash activities
    • the different level and type of provision council will provide
    • to define areas within sites where dogs will be permitted off leash
    • to explain/reinforce the requirements of dog owners when they take their dogs into public environments regulations that apply to dogs in public places

Bayside Review of Dog Off Leash Areas

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