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Be aware that a significant consideration for your local Council will be how best to minimise any risk associated with your dog park. A key to this is understanding what the real risks might be. Many risks are ‘perceived’ rather than real.

Once these are understood then they can be managed either through good design and placement of amenities and equipment, by establishing and enforcing etiquette or ‘rules’ for use of the dog park and by appropriate maintenance.

Information and signage will be an important part of communicating safety requirements for your dog park. This will include entry that welcomes visitors to the dog park and clearly outlines their responsibilities. Additional signage should accompany any equipment to ensure it is used appropriately and to reinforce the appropriate behaviour and supervision.

Paws4Play has developed instructional signage that ensures users of the Paws4Play dog agility equipment get the most out of their experience. Paws4Play also supplies Dog Park ‘rules and regulations’ signage.

Also remember that street signage is important to ensure people from out of your local neighbourhood know how to get to the Dog Park!


Dog Parks and Dog Park Equipment

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