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There are a number of critical factors that will make your Dog Park a huge success. If these factors are addressed then your Dog Park will be embraced by non-dog owners and dog owners alike and it will become a community gathering place.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to work with your local Council when planning a Dog Park in your neighbourhood. You need to understand the issues that may have to be addressed if a Dog Park is to be considered for a particular site.

You need also to understand and appreciate the process that your local Council normally has to go through if they are planning a Dog Park. Remember that as keen as you are to get building a Dog Park, there will be people in your community who have their doubts! So be realistic about the timelines for planning, designing and building a Dog Park and then you will not get frustrated.

Most Council’s have a community consultation, research and planning process they have to go through, particularly if a new concept such as a Dog Park is being considered. Ask your Council what their process requirements are.

Paws4Play has a ‘How to Select a Site for A Dog Park’ checklist available as part of a series of Information Sheets. Using the checklist you can determine the pros and cons for a site, and you can evaluate one site against another if there are a number of site options.

This list is by no means finite. Your local Council may have additional considerations you will need to add to the list. Additionally, there may be considerations that are specific to one site such as sensitive wildlife or vegetation areas you may have to avoid. Another important consideration when selecting the site for your Dog Park is to choose a highly visible site that is not hidden away – an important safety factor.



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