Dog agility equipment adds another activity option to the Dog Park but it is not an essential element.

Dog agility equipment provides a focus for obedience training and to reinforce skills and competencies learned in education and socialisation classes. It also provides an opportunity to introduce dogs to elements that are commonly found in the public environment, such as stairs, heights, and enclosed spaces. Dog owners should be encouraged to attend classes so they understand how to train their dog using gentle handling and positive reinforcement techniques, and learn to read their dog’s body language.

P4P dog agility/education equipment simulates equipment used in agility training and competition but without the extreme heights and angles associated with competition agility equipment. The local park environment is very different to the fully supervised dog club environment where dogs are introduced to agility elements gradually, and at an appropriate stage of physical development.

PAWS4PLAY equipment provides a focus for obedience training (e.g. p4pSit-stay platform, p4pStep platform), confidence development (e.g. p4pBridge, p4pStep platform), agility and flexibility (e.g. p4pA-frame, Weave poles), strength development and balance (p4pJump hoops, p4pHurdles). The equipment has been designed with assistance from specialists in animal behaviour research, management and education. Most of the pieces of equipment are also suitable for parks where dogs are required to be leashed.

Signage and information is important to ensure dog owners understand how to introduce their dog to the equipment, do not force dogs onto the equipment, and for safety and animal welfare reasons do not let young or elderly dogs jump from equipment.

Instructional SIGNAGE templates are available through Paws4Play

Our DOG AGILITY/EDUCATION EQUIPMENT is made by INTEGRATED RECYCLING, a regional business located in Mildura committed to innovation in recycling, responsible environmental stewardship, and excellent customer service.

For our clients we provide complementary:

  • advice on the siting of equipment within a dog park or off-leash area
  • the configuration of equipment