Paws4Play/LMH Consulting brings together a unique set of open space, recreation and community research, planning and management skills and experience. The practice has been working in this fields for over 30 years and in the last 8 years has developed an area of specialist expertise relating to dogs in public spaces. The practice now has a primary focus on:

  1. Dog Off-leash Policy
  2. Off-leash and Dog Park Site Evaluation & Feasibility Assessments
  3. Design of Fenced Off-leash Areas (Dog Parks)
  4. Dog Park Management Plans
  5. Policy and Design (Dog Parks) Advice to In-House Teams
  6. Evaluation of Trial Off-leash Areas and Dog Parks
  7. Domestic Animal Management Service Planning (Animal Management Plans)

The practice brings together the recreation and open space planning, design, management and community engagement skills of Lesley Humphreys and Kris Galea; and equipment design and production expertise of Integrated Recycling (IR).

Lesley Humphreys

Director Paws4Play and LMH Consulting

M: 0418 982 070
E: lesley@paws4play.com.au / lesley@lmhconsulting.com.au

Lesley has been a recreation, open space and community planner and policy writer for over 25 years, and over the last 8 years has increasingly worked with local government to:

  • prepare dog off-leash provision policy and rationale; and review existing policies
  • review the suitability of existing dog off-leash areas
  • assess the suitability of sites (Site Assessments) for consideration as fenced (dog park) or partially fenced dog off-leash areas
  • prepare concept and detailed designs for fenced off-leash areas (Dog Parks)
  • prepare Management Plans for fenced off-leash areas (Dog Parks)
  • prepare Domestic Animal Management Plans

Lesley presents on the topic of Dog Off-Leash and Dog Park Planning, Management and Design at conferences and workshops and has produced a series of technical information sheets to assist councils with the planning and management of fenced off-leash areas.

In her role as  a trustee with Animal Aid, Lesley was fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with leading Australian animal behaviorists. This enabled Lesley to better understand dog behaviour, and the triggers that can cause unsociable or aggressive behaviour in dogs, and the role of landscape design in managing dog behaviour.

At the same time Lesley began researching the way in which other countries provided for dog owners and their dogs, and the challenges and opportunities associated with the different approaches.  This 10 years of research and learning, together with Lesley’s open space and recreation planning background means she has a unique understanding of the opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed when planning off-leash areas and dog parks to ensure they are appealing, safe, and well-managed.

Kris Galea

KLG Landscape Consultants

M: 0422484544
E: krisgalea@bigpond.com

Kris (KLG Landscape Architects) works with Lesley to translate concept designs for off-leash areas and dog parks into detailed working drawings and contract specifications for construction. Kris’ eye for detail and practical approach to landscape design means she delivers practical landscape solutions that address the specific needs of dog parks.

Kristine’s has a unique ability to translate the conceptual vision for a site into a creative and practical design that addresses the challenges associated with the shape and size of a site; the need for separate spaces or ‘rooms’ to manage dog behaviour; and the need for different sensory elements to stimulate dogs, and the need to minimise maintenance costs.

Kris also works with the team on sporting reserve and park master plans, play space planning and design, open space strategies, and pre-school and school playspace design.

LMH Consulting/Paws4Play acknowledges the expertise and advice of the following people and organisations who have generously and greatly contributed to the work of the consultancy and the knowledge of the sector.

Nell Thompson

Co-ordinator National 'Getting to Zero' (G2Z) Program

M: 0427 981 759
E: info@g2z.org.au

Nell has a diverse background in shelter management, rehabilitation of shelter animals, animal behaviour management. She is sought after by LGAs for her knowledge and practical advice relating to local government animal management services and practices.

Because of her extensive industry and community network Nell is a wealth of knowledge on innovations in the sector and strategies for improving the sector’s response to animal management issues.

Nell serves on the board of the Australian Institute of Animal Management (AIAM), an organisation that provides training and advice to local government and industry professionals working in the animal management sector. She is also the coordinator of the national ‘Getting to Zero (G2Z) program that has a focus on issues relating to the over-population of pets, in particular cats.

G2Z provides best practice knowledge and support to LGAs, communities, and professionals in the companion animal welfare, shelter and pound sectors.

Linda Marston

Research Associate and Animal Behaviourist

Linda is a Research Associate at the University of Queensland Veterinary School and has an extensive background in research relating to animal behaviour, the animal human bond, and the rehabilitation of traumatised pets in animal shelters.

She has worked closely with a number of training institutions including Latrobe University and GOTAFE conducting specialist lectures and online training courses relating to companion animals.

Linda was the Program Manager for the Centre for Service and Therapy Dogs Australia and was the co-ordinator for the animal rehabilitation program at the Animal Aid animal shelter. She also served on the Development of Animal Assisted Therapy Committee and as a pet therapist with the Bass Coast Community Health Service.

Dr Jacqui Ley

Director Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre

T: 03 9887 8844
E: office@melbvet.com.au

Jacqui is a well-renowned Veterinarian and Animal Behaviourist and was the inaugural Hills TM Resident in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine.  Her areas of interest and expertise include:

  • animal behaviour
  • animal training and the functioning brain
  • canine personality assessment modelling
  • factors that affect the relationships between owner and dog
  • the human-animal bond and factors affecting this
  • tests for measuring fear and other behaviours in dogs
  • the social relationships in dogs and cats
  • expert specialist advice to LGAs and VCAT hearings relating to dog rushes and attacks.

In 2011 she became a diplomat of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine – one of two people to hold this qualification in Australia.  Jacqui was awarded a Fellowship to the ANZCVS in the Chapter of Veterinary Behaviour at Science Week 2013.  She sees behaviour cases on a regular basis at MVSC.

Integrated Recycling
T: 1300 729 253
E: info@integratedrecycling.com.au
W: www.integratedrecycling.com.au/paws4play/