“As a result of working with Lesley, our team derived a comprehensive understanding of the planning, design and management requirements associated with fenced off-leash areas (dog parks). We were not aware of the complexity of issues that needed to be addressed and the importance of landscape design in helping to manage dog  behaviour in confined places.

The project also highlighted the maintenance, risk management, community education and compliance protocols that need to be addressed for fenced off-leash areas (dog parks).”  Luke Keogh, Manager Parks & Open Spaces, Murray Shire

“Council certainly benefited from the specialist advice and support provided by Paws4Play/ LMH Consulting. Lesley reviewed our initial dog park concept plan, and then worked with us to optimise opportunities and address challenges associated with the site. The concept plan and briefing notes provided enabled our team to develop detailed design plans. We learned a great deal from the relationship. Thank you.”  Landscape Architect, Lake Maquarie Council

“The unique combination of recreation and open space planning experience, and knowledge of local government animal management services was invaluable to the planning and design of our first dog park. Because of Lesley’s background, she was able to address the needs of council’s open space, recreation and animal management teams.

The consultancy provided educative and informative advice in terms of design and management of the site. The team seamlessly translated concept plans into detailed working drawings and construction specifications. As a result, the Eastfield Park Dog Park caters well for the needs of people as well as dogs and attracts visitations from across Melbourne.” Merg Mikaelian, Former Team Leader Local Laws, Maroondah Council

“Paws4Play provided great consultation and strategic planning advice, which resulted in our Domestic Animal Management Plan being clear, concise and achievable. It also meant that key issues were addressed and practical service opportunities identified.” 
Former Manager Regulatory Services, Nillumbik Shire Council

“Thank you so much for your advice. It was extremely helpful.” Tweed Council, Recreation Services

“This team’s background in open space, recreation and health and wellbeing planning was of great assistance to the preparation of our Domestic Animal Management Plan.
 Of great support to us was their experience and ability to handle challenging community consultation sessions relating to dogs in open space. 
Former Manager Amenity Protection, Bayside City Council

“The manner in which the project team engaged with local and rural communities and the effort that was put into developing relationships with reserve and township representatives showed a great empathy with the needs of these communities.” Glenn Milne – Mayor Mildura Rural City Council

“This team has extensive industry knowledge and experience and are great to work with. The fact that they have all worked in Local Government is a real bonus in terms of knowing how information needs to be structured to get through the Council process”. Former Manager Recreation and Culture, City of Whitehorse

“Lesley’s skills and experience in the planning of local government services encouraged us to consider the broader issues associated with our service. It also enabled us to identify internal and community stakeholders who we can work with to optimise outcomes for pets, pet owners and the wider community. Lesley’s work with other council’s enabled us to fully understand emerging issues and identify strategies to address these. Lesley was easy to work with, understands the complexities of local government, and responds easily to changing project needs.” Team Leader Local Laws, Maroondah Council.”

“This team has a natural ability to relate to people from all walks of life. As a result they had great rapport with residents from our rural communities and with our councillors. Residents and councillors alike felt heard and understood. A unique ability.” Allan Stobaus, Manager Community and Recreation Development, Loddon Shire

“Practical and helpful advice … Thank you!”
 Christine Rawson, Frys Park Dog Park Committee