Education/agility equipment provides a focus for dog education and obedience training, and in particular for dog owners who want to reinforce learnings from obedience/education classes.

All dog owners should be encouraged to attend dog obedience training to the point where dogs are immediately responsive to their owners voice or hand commands, regardless of the distractions around them.

Signage that simply and clearly instructs dog owners on how to use education equipment should accompany all equipment installations. In particular signage must ensure that dog owners:

  • gradually introduce their dog to the equipment
  • do not force their dog onto the equipment
  • understand how to instruct their dog so he/she is not confused by unclear, loud or agitated instruction
  • understand how to progress from on-leash to off-leash instruction
  • do not let very young dogs or old dogs jump from the equipment as this can damage growth plates and joints.

Dog owners who have not attended dog obedience or educational classes with their dogs will become disillusioned or frustrated if they do not understand how to use the equipment.

Signage will help dog owners understand how to get the most out of the equipment. However, the best outcomes in terms of safety, polite dog behaviour in the dog park as well as mastering the equipment will be achieved by encouraging dog owners to attend dog obedience/training classes.